I want to cancel my brave premium VPN subscription

I want to cancel my premium VPN subscription. Please help me.
Why this platform and process is so complex?
Anyone from support please help me and guide me how to cancel it?

@Soap141 It’s not complicated at all. You go unsubscribe the same way you subscribed.

If on Desktop, you go to https://account.brave.com/ and sign in, which is done via them sending you an email instead of you using a username + password. Then you go to where it shows your subscriptions and you cancel.

If you did it through Google or Apple’s app stores, then you open those app stores and go to Subscriptions and you cancel it.

I’ve tried the same way but i was unable to cancel it. I pressed the cancel button but it didn’t work(i didn’t get any cancelation mail and it still shows cancel button whenever i login again in the subscription panel).
Can you please manually cancel it for me?

@Saoiray please read the above response and tell me if you Can cancel it manually?

@Soap141 I was able to on mine. Not sure what you’re saying issue is.

Hello! @Soap141

We can cancel the subscription for you. Please click on Brave VPN in the toolbar and then click on the gear icon. You should then be able to click on Contact Technical Support.

This is so we do not request any personal details publicly which are necessary in order to look up your account. Thank you!