First you suspend my account and reactivate it now you suspend all of my BAT token payments?

I do not understand and understand how it works to get the right bat payment. in June my account was deleted but reopened with proof I attached it, now the bat token that I collected is suspended? why is that reason unclear.

whether you can’t pay so you can postpone bat payments, not only are you complaining but there are lots of people who complain that you don’t receive payment on the reason that the account isn’t 1 month hold verification, youtube isn’t adequate or suspicious of YouTube activities even though you can see youtube activities Brave users instead give you suspicion. and if you see suspicion with all the bat I get please send clear evidence.

I beg too much with your uncertainty.


YOU earn 450 bat one day?

no more than 30 days got it

The no-grants state means you can still be paid out for referrals and BAT tips that are not sourced from grants. You should be able to log in and be paid out just fine – but you WON’T get any tips that started out as BAT grants. I will check on your appeal case for you too.

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My appeal was over 2 weeks but there was no notice of further information about my case.
Only 5 days ago my appeal was only seen or read without being processed by the brave.

finally the answer from the brave was rejected even though it was rejected.

I have no permission to send a tip to my own brave account so about 19 of my bat you have to suspend not everything. because it is purely the result of tipping from others.

instead the brave admin has access to YouTube users to see user activities, and also has access to know the brave application’s ip address to see the activities of the brave application users.

so it’s not supposed to suspend all of my bat tokens without any suspicious evidence. because I got it by using duplicate brave applications and the like but got it by sharing it with other brave users who appreciated that I had shared the brave application with them.

I have some video evidence from brave users who have appreciated me and given me a tip.
if you need that proof and the evidence is long ago May.

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