I unpinned a website and every time I open Brave it's pinned again

This just started happening to me a couple weeks ago. I don’t recall ever pinning a site. Brave started pinning sites (I had to look up why the tabs were so small all of a sudden) and when I unpin the site the tab gets big and then I can close it. But when I close the browser and re-open it LinkedIn is pinned. I unpin it every time, and every time it’s back. How do I make it stop?

Pin, unpin, Close the tab and then type the site name here and delete data , this will clear all history, cookies…etc


Replace the word brave with that site name and delete data of that site by pressing the delete button.

once deleted, restart your browser profile.

Thank you for your response. I followed all of your steps. I then closed and opened Brave and it opened with LinkedIn pinned again. I am not sure I did the following: “restart your browser profile.” Does that mean close the browser and reopen it or do I need to do something else?

Please Record what you do and post it here


Also make sure you havent added linkedin here

Restart browser profile means close all tabs opened in that browser profile, exit brave and Relaunch it again via taskbar or desktop icon of your Profile.

Hi I followed the steps again several times. It still isn’t working. I have a screen recording but when I choose upload I get the following message: Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

Also, when trying to use the screen recorder you provided, it stopped video the second I closed the browser so I used Bandicam which is an mp4 file.

you can share it via mega.nz


Is it also happening on a New Browser Profile ? Have you tried disabling all extensions, unpinning the tab, closing tab and Restarting browser ?

When you mentioned extensions, I took a look at mine. Turns out I had Waxaly. After confirming with my marketing person that I could remove it, I removed the extension and followed your initial instructions. It worked. No more pinned LinkedIn. Thanks for the help!

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