I tipped 21 BAT but only 1.4 went through?

Hi there,

I recently tipped a youtube channel 21 BAT in total. 2 times the ‘‘10 BAT’’ and a single BAT afterwards. Currently I waited about 1 hour. Whenever I go to my settings on my Xiaomi Pocofone F1, I see that I only tipped 1,4 BAT? Where did the19,6 BAT go?

  1. I pressed tip 10 on a youtube channel
  2. I pressed tip 10 again because I did not know if it went through.
  3. I checked my settings, how much I tipped. Too early so I waited
  4. I tipped 1 more BAT to the channel.
  5. realised that in my settings only 1,4 BAT was sent and I have no BAT left in my android wallet :confused:

The expected result would have been a 21 BAT (-5% I think) tipped to the person I wanted to tip.

The operating system is Android 9; PKQ1.180729.001
Brave 1.6.2, Chromium 79.0.3945.93

Tipping yourself from 20 BAT grants, will not get through. It seems 1.4 BAT was from ads and that one you can tip to yourself. The BAT from grants went suspended and you can not undane transaction :frowning: Tipping BAT from Grants to yourself OR the friends who tip you back from grants, could get your account permanently suspended. :frowning:


Ah seems to be rather weird. Tipping up to 5 dollar to yourself, which you received from Brave as a reward, is not an option. I could have known haha
Too bad web users can just deposit their BAT, and too bad I didn’t know, someone else might have enjoyed receiving 20 BAT. Well thanks for the fast reply.

Brave has a tip function which will mostly be used on social media accounts, also on blogs and other sites but probably mostly on individual’s social medium. I’m out not really promoting social media sorry

Its ok if you didnt know that, only the BAT is lost. If 5 bucks doesnt seem really high to a single user, imagine millions getting 5 USD in BAT from grants and majority than goes to self tipping or tipping among friends. In that case grants no longer serve their purpose, tipping the content you like. Thats a hugeeee amount for Brave team and a great loss sadly.

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