Tipping problems

So I decided to tip most of the BAT I have on my phone to my YouTube Channel, as I intended to do my regular factory reset of my phone, since I am not aware of any other way of saving my BAT, but after Brave telling me that my Channel hasn’t been verified yet, I decided to remove and add the Channel once again. I did this after I already tried tipping around 20 BAT, mind you. After the channel was verified the next day I tried tipping again and found out that I apparently already tipped 26,8 BAT to my channel. But the problem is that only 6,89 BAT are presented as being tipped on the Brave Creators page. So I’m wondering if my 19,91 BAT are stuck in a limbo somewhere and will eventually be added as my tips, or if they are gone forever.

Both my Desktop’s and Android’s Brave Browser are on the newest version.

check this

it say it take some time to show up

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks for the reply!

you welcome :slight_smile:

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