I think we're not paid for Sponsored Images

For the past couple of months I noticed that I’m not being paid for Sponsored Images, although I have them activated and see dozens of them per day.
Everyone other Brave user I know noticed the same after I told them to compare their estimated payment and the actual payment.
Because a blog post once said that payment for Sponsored Images is not included in the estimate (if you check your stats after each ad notification you see this is true, the estimate grows about 0.05 to 0.1 BAT per ad) it is quite easy to calculate the payment from Sponsored Images. It’s actual payment minus estimated payment. My result is 0 BAT for the past months, since I started comparing those stats.
Has anyone else noticed the same? The transparency regarding Sponsored Images is very bad. We are told to receive 70% of the earnings but 0 BAT can’t be it, right?
I will disable Sponsored Images in the settings now and recommend everyone else to do the same if you have the same issue.

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the last 2 months i did not get any but this month i got the first payment from the sponsor image part

just a note not all advertiser participate in every country so not cause you see the image mean you get paid for it

another thing it’s not huge amount as it’s value split over everyone see it and i got 0.1 this month from it

hope that clear things and have a nice day

The earnings from sponsored is not encouraging, I’ll even turn it off

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I dont feel like disabling the sponsored images because this is the only way I could support the brave (If they earn from those sponsored images). I dont tip via my BAT and this is the only way I can support these Developers. There is no harm enabling the sponsored images.


You earn 70% of all ad proceeds, Brave earns 30%. If you earned 70 cents, Brave got about 30 cents.
However the transparency could be better, especially for Sponsored Images. Because right now it seems like we don’t receive anything at all for viewing Sponsored Images and that doesn’t sound like a fair system.


A quick update. I got .05 bat when I clicked on the link in the sponsered image. But not everytime.

let me check this and see if it work same way with me here

thanks for sharing that and have a nice day

one question does this sponsor image you got 0.05 from it has also ads (the ads notification
) or it just only in the sponsor image section

I was having a look at my earning. Then I clicked the sponsered link. Then I again opened new tab and I saw the increase. I think we might be paid for multiple ads at once.

i got that but i am asking does that advertiser has ads beside the sponsor image or they advertise only using sponsor image

i mean did you got any ads notification from that advertiser or not

hope that clear my question and thanks for your replay

I think they have both (i guess it was trade view)

then maybe that the reason

maybe there was a bug

cause i never had this and i can not test as no ads notification that also sponsor image

@Mattches could you check this

and please read all the comments below that mentioned one :point_up_2:

hope it help you if there a bug

have a nice day both of you

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