Brave isn't getting paid by advertisers?

I only see ads in the brave news and that to only Brave’s own ads , like brave wallet which pays so little and zebpay ads which gives only 0.001bats , Like are you serious ?. and if there are any other ads like today , zk-swap ads were shown but 0 bats were given for that , what is going on ? you guys aren’t getting paid to show the ads or what ? what’s the reasons we are not recieving bats for these ads . only brave’s own ads give considerable bats that too like 0.02 .
Its like we give rewards for ads , but then give like a penny to the viewers or most of times not even that

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yeah. now ads gives very liitle BAT. Sometimes I wonder after watching ads that is it increases or not

@Kay146 Yes, Brave gets paid by advertisers. They get some really good ones as well. Just keep in mind that how much Brave charges advertisers will vary on region.

You are able to go to to see what ads are in your region, how much they pay, the maximum amount of times you can see them, which OS they appear on, etc. It’s not like some huge secret.

Earnings show as estimated and are a in a range. They also don’t always reflect immediately. They are called Estimated because it’s just that, an estimate.

Those are called house ads. They are bonus ads to get you BAT. They could very easily give you nothing if you’d prefer. But instead they go out of pocket to let you know about new features or at least to try to get a little extra BAT in your pocket.

That is exactly what i want to say. If you are getting paid enough so why there aren’t much ads exept in home ads in india .
And giving 0.001 bats is not something to worth mentioning , its nothing literally like its not even there so don’t consider like your in home ads are something you have done extra to give us some bats .
My ultimate point is we as users aren’t getting much bats through your ads , so get some other advertisers other than in home ads which give nothing

Bro. Earlier there was this ad paying 0.3 BATs so not like they don’t ever have high paying ads. But sometimes, yes not many ads pay much.

Please consider brave rewards as a cherry on top. It’s not the only thing brave offers. There have been times where ads were paying a lot around 0.05, 0.1 BAT and all too. So it’s just a phase.

Yeahhh i know there were these times when ads were paying good . I am just saying there is no point of showing these 0.001 bats ads

Brave do not have a single ad in india so i think that’s why it is showing only their features ads

The BAT Ad value is going to fluctuate based on a variety of factors as @Saoiray stated. Just because you’re seeing the ads at 0.001 BAT right now does not mean that that very same ad will won’t be higher the next time you see it/down the road.

I am just saying there is no point of showing these 0.001 bats ads

It’s not harming you or anyone else and I can guarantee it’s more than any other browser is paying you to view ads, right? Whether the amount is little or big, you’re still only gaining here.

If you found out that someone was sneakily adding a penny into your bank account every day, would you tell them to stop? Probably not — why not just let it keep piling up?

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Well if you say that , i also hope that the value of bat to go up but i dont think its going significantly up atleast till the next year mid . From 2022 i have only seen value declining mostly . fingers crossed for the future .
and if you see , 0.001 bat doesn’t even make a penny so …
i’d still not be agreeing with you , like atleast make them 0.01 bats , thats acceptable if possible . if not okay then

Reload the page, sometimes it is blank. A reload helps.

See, on mine I was able to view with no issues.

I don’t understand your point. Like come on man, you’re getting paid for ads whjich no other browser does, for that matter. Now you keep complaining that its a small amount ( I agree it is but its way better than using other browsers where YOU pay them while browsing). Also, maybe if India actually was a conducive and thriving environment for businesses maybe they would be able to spend more on advertisements which indirectly would pay us more BATs ?

yes now it is showing

Conversation starting to devolve. Closing thread since the answer was given.