I think I have been overpaid

I checked my rewards today and I seem to have been overpaid quite vastly in BAT. I was due around 4 BAT but received 28.250 BAT. I am unsure if this is an error or a payment from one of the missed months but would like to verify if possible.

Currently I cannot access the 28.250 in gemini but that’s not anything new. I am sure it will come through in due time so if I need to pay it back let me know

Thank you



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Bro #RESPECT, Brutal honesty!


Lmao, you’re not the only one.

I mean, it’s all a roll of the dice. But keep in mind that they said that bonuses would be getting sent out to people who had issues with January payments and all. Brave does its best to take care of Users, especially the ones who have been patient and kind.

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As @Saoiray says, this is likely a bonus sent to users who had payment issues from Jan. payments. Please enjoy!

If you are still not seeing the BAT transferred into your account in the next day or so let me know so we can take a look.

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Where are these BAT coming from? Asking 'cause I’m receiving half.

Well thank you guys very much. I did have some issues when opening the gemini wallet so I guess it could be for that. Much appreciated

The funds are now available so no problems there. I know they can take a day or two to come through so wasn’t overly concerned about that.

Thank you again


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