Strange network traffic on start

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Restart your computer
  2. something to check your Internet traffic (we need to see incoming and outgoing data sizes)
  3. Open Brave and look on your Internet traffic

Expected result:
You will see that sometimes the browser “eats” about 15-30MB of Internet data at start with no obvious reason.

Brave Version:
I use current version (1.4.95) for Windows (Windows 7 x64), but I noticed the issue when Brave added wallets.

Additional Information:
This is not because of Wallets, Rewards or Ads (if these features work correctly), because I tried to disable it and nothing changed. And this is not because of NewTab background images or background apps (I disabled it too).

I use only one extension - Ddict - but I use it on Vivaldi and Opera too, so Ddict cannot be the reason.

Maybe this is because of wrong working of sync (I don’t use sync), because a few updates back Brave fixed something in sync and the issue was solved too, but after a few updates it returned…

Hello, ND!

When Brave launches, it does a few things. It checks for updates to the app and to any installed extensions. If an app-update is found, it will be downloaded (assuming you have not throttled your network connection, etc.) and you will be prompted to restart. If an extension update is available, those will be downloaded and installed too. If neither is found, we have transferred only the data required to check for updates.

Brave will also check for updates to the Safe Browsing lists. These are databases of hashed URL prefixes that help Brave avoid dangerous sites. These too can be several megabytes in size. These requests will be made even when Brave is running too; I believe every few hours.

There are numerous other small requests that Brave will make regarding opaque telemetry, wallet details, conversion rates, and more. But those shouldn’t amount to much.

What tool are you using to inspect the network traffic? I use Fiddler, and find it works quite well. I would encourage you to do the same, and have a first-hand look at what Brave does when you launch the app. See also this post, and this independent review.

I hope this helps!


I still have questions:

  • Why don’t other browsers have the same problem?
  • Why didn’t Brave have the issue a few updates before?

It looks like a bug. Because If I open Brave, then open private tab with Tor and close main window, strange activity stops.

It’s tough to tell what activity you’re observing; could you please share screenshots or more detailed information? Have you taken a look at your network activity with Fiddler opened? That would give you tremendous insight into what is happening.

I have noticed a huge outgoing traffic (several minutes, I saw it too late) the morning after an update the last night. I update each 7-9 days or more.
I can’t do any new info, I have uninstall it, and can’t install again, the package is gone from the repository.
I live in Venezuela, the Internet (by huawe) is restrictive (11 attempts to upload the ~37k image, and I had to use vpn to finally upload it). I mention it, because initially I was thinking in a local problem. Some cyber attacks comes from official institutions infrastructure.
Note: the capture was done seconds after start the monitor.

Could you check your PM? BTW, I saw different IP than @Gcarlo

A list of IPs, unfortunately, won’t be very helpful. It would be helpful if we could see which process is responsible for making the connection. In this case, we’re curious which connections are being established for/by Brave Browser processes.

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