I surfed the whole month with activated advertising, but I didn't accumulate BAT's for it

Greetings to everyone in the community.

I have a problem: I have browsed the entire month of May 2020, with Brave Rewards activated, advertising and everything activated; but I never accumulated BAT’s for it. Despite browsing and seeing the advertising, the BAT´s counter always remained at zero (0). It should be noted that the previous month (April 2020) I actually received BAT’s for browsing, I received the payment for the month of April on May 9 in my Uphold account.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any known solution?

Attached: screenshot with the BAT counter at 0

I have a similar issue. At first, rewards worked but for 2 months now it’s non-existing. 1 add per day if I`m lucky :slight_smile:

Quite similar, with the difference that I do see the ads, 5 per hour, but my BAT counter is always zero.

In the image the evidence, indicating the date.

If anyone could help us, it would be appreciated.