I somehow have trovi virus and can't delete it

So I got my PC in May for my Birthday. I installed Brave Browser immediately. I somehow got the trovi virus a couple of weeks ago after I installed it. I didn’t download anything sketchy/visit sketchy websites. I have tried MalwareFox and Malwarebytes free/trial version. MalwareFox was able to detect 23 issues I believe and said to restart so I restarted and it didn’t fix the problem. I also tried to reset settings to default, but I don’t want to lose my cookies, bookmarks, history, etc.
Thank you so much for reading this. Hope you can help. Thanks!

Description of the issue:

Get trovi virus somehow, DON’T recommend just saying
Set search to google
type something in the search box NOT in google.com
it redirects you.

It redirects you to random websites and changes your search results**

Happens pretty much every time I search.

I also got this error when checking for update

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