Having trouble in google searches

I was searching some things on brave browser using google and like those top result that come up showing only the piece of required of info. from a website gets disappear and also a few of the bottom results disappear magically i trie to reload then those result come up again but then they again dissappear
Fyi only some results are dissappearing not all of them
im using windows 10

Disable Brave Shields temporarily and try again. Do you happen to use any browser extensions?

jus these ones ok i will try to disable it

disabling brave shield didn’t work bro ? do you have any alternate solution?

You’re having an interesting issue, I’ve never experienced disappearing search results out of the sudden.

You could try disabling Safe Browsing if it’s enabled, you can do that at brave://settings/security.

The last thing I could think of is your antivirus software hiding specific URLs due to some security reason (malicious addresses) so you could try disabling the antivirus software temporarily as well.

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