I received 102 ads and had 1 whole BAT (like 67 cents USD) earned this month and now for some reason it has reset to 0.005 BAT. I also completed the gemeni ad for 5 BAT and never received the BAT

Where has my BAT gone???!

do you know why the 5 BAT for the Gemini account link thing hasn’t been deposited in peoples accounts including mine?

That I do not know sorry. I have not connected to Gemini yet… But from what I know is it takes up to 30 days after creating the wallet.

IT can take up to 30 days–I can confirm I just got my 5 Fee Bat today from gemini–so it works it just takes time to show up

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In addition do you see when you go to your rewards page, does it now show like the 1 bat coming in (x) days? Do take note if it does show that, that does not mean it will come in that time frame, but rather that is when payouts begin processing and can take up to a week plus before it is debited to your wallet. This happened to me last payout period. That counter is misleading.

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