Disappearance of BAT AGAIN

Today (09/30/21 at 9:00 p.m.) Bitcoins disappeared as it happened to me on another occasion, from having 2,875 Bat at 00.00 for no reason, being the payment day still far away.BAT


just happened to me too!! I lost about the same amount -and mine shows as 0.00 too now when it was 2.87 30mins ago–what time is the month close–Im on west coast and its only 5pm, East coast its only 8


Current earnings this month (estimated)

0.000BAT0.00 USD

Next payment date

Oct 7

Ads received this month


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Same thing happened here.
The BAT amount was around 0.985


Last month, the devs have said before. The BATs reset to zero on the 1st of each new month at 00:00 UTC time. They will owe you back when they pay in about a week or two. I got like over 12.5 BAT with 1222 ads for the month of September, one of my all time recorded achievements.


ok that makes sense since its now Oct 1st 1230am in UTC time…does yours get transfered automiatically to Gemini
?? do they charge you any gas fees to move?

also is there anywhere you can see the amount that is to be transfered?

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@bbrown9506 I don’t use Gemini yet, still using Uphold. Gemini is safer to use than Uphold but the transfer fees are too high despite the site gives you decent interest holding crypto.


Check this:


Hi everyone, it’s just a new month (October 1st), so counters are resetting to the new month. Your other counters may take some time to sync up, depending on your timezone.

We have a fix coming to make sure your local time and the UTC timezone that our servers use are better aligned.