Didn't receive March payment again

Hey guys,

I have sent @steeven a message in regards to this but just in case, I didn’t receive Brave Rewards payment this month once again. I didn’t receive February’s payment and @steeven was able to get me the money.

Is there a bug or something I can do to fix this so I don’t have to message someone every month? I don’t like giving people extra work.



Unfortunately, I got no answers so I’m going to bump this thread.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Following this topic, same problem…

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I’m experiencing the same problem too. I have sent a DM to steeven as well.

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Same for me, I also DM Steeven. Poor Steeven !

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They just pay random some account and you are not lucky. big scm… :joy:


It looks like. Im gonna wait few days if not bye bye

same issue
last month worked

Same issue, stuck in no pay, no ads have come up since the 5th. Uphold verified.

Hi all - if you still haven’t received your payment please DM me your wallet ID. Thanks!