Brave Wallet ETH has not arrived from Binance


I followed the basic procedure to transfer my eth from Binance to Brave Wallet, double checked everything is right. It has been 5 days and it has not landed.

Anyone know how to help or check status? I’ve used NEWTON, XT, etc. and they have immediate support. Where is Brave’s?

For Wallet they should have direct support, they are effectively a Bank now

No they aren’t. Brave Wallet is self custodial wallet. All transactions your’e doing is through other networks and all. If Brave was “effectively a bank” they would do a full KYC/AML of you directly and all. That’s not happening.

You should have your tx. Have you tracked status? I mean, if you didn’t give enough gas fees or something, then would be an issue. You should know everything crypto can be tracked. If you sent from somewhere and it’s not made it to Brave, that’s not Brave’s fault.

What you’re claiming is if I sent you a package and it didn’t arrive to you, then it’s your fault.

Thanks responding, I have the tracking details and everything, there was more than enough money to get it through. The wallet destination is perfectly correct.

Status says complete too on binances end. Is there anyone at BraveWallet to contact and provide my trackingID?

XT. and others have that kind of support

@stevehayduk Wait, so you’re saying transaction shows complete? If so, I’m wondering if you just need to go to Brave Wallet and make sure it’s checked off on + Visible Assets.

If particular token on network is checked, like in screenshow below, then it should be visible to you.

Photos 1_5_2023 14_09_43

However, if box not checked, such as perhaps Binance-PEG Ethereum Token in screenshot below, then in it would be in your Wallet but not showing to you until you check the box.

Brave Wallet - Brave 1_5_2023 14_09_53

As to tracking ID, you can share it here if you’re comfortable doing so (not seed phrase or anything critical, just talking about the tx to show status of that transfer). No harm should come of showing it. But if you are going for extra protections, I’d say confirm what I mentioned in my prior reply on making sure it’s showing as a visible asset. If it is and it’s still now showing in Wallet (especially if it’s saying transaction complete), then I’ll tag in some staff from Brave to try to have them reach out to you.

tracking - 0x313dca3afe2c8ce0bb09097ab947c40e3b20a764d76c7c14c656572400b38ae9

Maybe it’s an unsupported coin?