I lost all my pending BAT and cant get more BAT

I had 3,980 BAT pending and then I closed and reopened Brave and my pending rewards went down to 0.125BAT and I cant get anymore BAT through notification ads. can someone please help me it happened 10 min ago. I am using Brave on windows.

edit: the bug was fixed thanks


i had 5.123 Bat in my account, and now it just only shows that i have 0.160 bat, can someone help me, i add a screenshoot from the 18 of november

and now it shows like this PLEASE HELP

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Same thing just happened to me. I had 1.92 Pi and then it all disappeared. I now have 0.05

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I have same a problem

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This just happened in the last couple of hours and it looks to be on the server side.

A Windows desktop, a Linux desktop and a Windows laptop all earned BAT disappeared.

Windows 10 Laptop - had over 10 BAT:

This has has happened in the past and hopefully just a bug. Best to patient as Brave Devs fixed this issue lin the past over a few days.

EDIT: Note any ads at this moment are not counted to your ‘Estimated pending rewards’. I’ve had 3 ads but the ad counter is stuck.

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Are any of you using a VPN that you are appearing to be in a country that you aren’t actually in?

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All fixed now!



Ads are now being counted/credit.

Thanks Brave Devs/Support.

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