I lost 1 window from current session, cannot restore through usual means

Description of the issue:
I somehow, no clue how, lost 1 single window from my current session. I am unable to restore using the usual means through history.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I don’t know how I lost it so I do not know how to reproduce it.

Expected result:
restore the window intact

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I had hundreds of tabs in this window from six months of research, so restoring each tab is basically impossible. I have a session file and a tabs file from 2 days ago (before I lost that windows), but no clue what to do with it.

Did you have a setting “On exit” that removes the history? brave://settings/clearBrowserData → On Exit should not have anything enabled by default.

No, all of that is still disabled. I have not exited the session, I am still running the same session as when I lost that window. I am afraid that exiting the session and updating/restarting will make matters worse. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m not a “techie” by any stretch of the imagination. =)

Unfortunate… If you look in history, if they’re listed on recently closed, you can get them back that way…

What is unfortunate?
No, that’s what I mean by I can’t through the usual means, i.e. the recently closed. I have looked at similar-ish topics here in the forums, and some of them discuss stuff in the app data – is there anything there that I can, uh… somehow restore my 6 months of research?

eek… i think brave inherits chromium’s history lifetime of 3 months… so if you open a tab once and after 3 months it’s gone from history… But you may have to go and sift through your complete history in brave://history/

Is there a way to restore an older session, i.e. the session I can see in my system files from 2 days ago?

If on windows, you could try to go back to restore point… windows does some save points automatically for things like windows update, software installs, etc… Find a point a in the past you want and restore…You may be able to get the history restored that way… but you might lose the current state of reports, etc…Maybe save off the files in the current state to google drive or usb hub, then do the restore, then see if brave will have what you need, restore your work files to the current iterations…

have you tried with this: ctrl+shift+t it will open closed tabs, from the most recent to the oldest – just closed tabs–

JohnDproof, yes I did the ctrl+shift+t and it opened my most recent dozen or so tabs, but that was all that was available, no option to re-open or restore 1 window with xxx tabs.

If you’ve visited the sites in the window you lost recently, they should still appear in your history, even if they are just the individual sites. You may be able to restore the state you had previously if you have a recent Windows backup restore point.

All that said I’m curious – you say that you “lost” the window, but can you elaborate on how that happened? Were you using the window, switched to another and then tried to switch back and it was gone? Or did the window just not appear when you started a session? Did it disappear after the browser updated?

Mattches, I don’t know for certain what happened. I boot up my computer, and leave it running for, like, a week before the next restart. My current up time per the Task Manager is 2 days +. My ‘best guess’ is that I accidentally hit the ‘close x’ when closing another program that was slow to close. Thus when I clicked the ‘close x’ on that other program AGAIN, thinking that program hadn’t received the message I wanted to close it, the computer actually transferred the second click to the underlying window, which would have been the brave window that I am trying to recover. How can I look to see if I have a recent enough windows restore point?

Before I send you down that path, let me confirm that that would in fact do the trick. If you simply want to see if you have a point to restore to, you can go to (in Windows) Control panel --> System and Maintenance --> Backup and restore and see if any have been created.

Microsoft support doc for backup and restore here if you need it:

Mattches, Under Back up or restore your files, I have these 2 messages: “Windows Backup has not been set up.” and “Windows could not find a backup for this computer.” Beginning to sound like I am sunk.

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