I just wanted to report a rather annoying Bug

when closing a tab by clicking mousewheel the whole window goes to my second monitor

One line doesn’t help diagnosing the issue. Please use the template to provide details.

Sorry the site is just so confusing, where do I find that ?

Gesendet von Mail für Windows 10

The template is actually pre-filled in the editor when you go to open a topic - you likely erased it in order to write your post.

You can also find copies of the template to use here.

That said, this is actually already a known issue. We have a thread with several users reporting it which can be found here:

In order to keep things cohesive, I’m going to close your thread here in favor of that one. If you don’t mind, will you post a reply to the above thread with your Brave version information and OS information as well and any other details that may be relevant to the situation.

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Encountering this issue? Please post a reply with the relevant information in this thread: