Closing Tab with Middle Mouse Click, moves Brave to another Monitor


Current version on Windows 10.
I have 3 monitors. Running Brave on the middle. When I middle click to close a tab, a second later the Window moves to my monitor on the right. This doesn’t happen when I CTRL+W or click the X to close the tab.

I have also opened other browsers to make sure it wasn’t some weird mouse setting in Logitech Options causing it, but it is only in Brave.

As I was typing this I had a slight epiphany. I have DisplayFusion in stalled and believe this to be a behavior from it. When you Middle Click a title bar, it moves the window to the monitor to the right. Firefox and Chrome don’t display this behavior when middle clicking however, only Brave. Maybe the tabs in FF and Chrome aren’t registered as a Title Bar?



Thanks for reaching out!
This is actually a known issue and it seems like DisplayFusion may be the underlying issue. The issue is filed in our Github:


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