I have not received payment of a balance that I have in the account

Good afternoon to the whole brave community, I’m here because I have a question because I was a referral worker from my networks and YouTube channel, I had a stagnant profit in October I collected them but November not and this month that runs either

I have also faced the same issue. Since the month of August my BAT has not been deposited from the publishers account, even when my account is verified.

@steeven Help us out please.

Same here. For some reason now the brave publisher site tells me that i will get paid in January, even though i haven’t receive this month payment.

The payment process is in the payment period, be patient and it will arrive, more than a million users are in the payment queue, the process may take a while but all users will receive their payment in due time, we are in business days , If you want to know how the Payment Period is going, do not miss the payment updates from the Official Article: December 2020 Publishers Payout Thread

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