The promised payment in September has not been paid

Hi @steeven
Greetings from support for the brave!
I want to describe my problem and get a decent answer, because I didn’t find a similar problem on the forum.
Since my account fell under the restriction of countries(my account is Russian), I was waiting for the payment 2 months ago, but then the restriction was received, so the payment was postponed to another month.
I read a thread that the payments should be in September, but already on September 10, and I did not receive the payment.
What should I do? I take it that my honestly earned money is not in sight?
I ask support to understand this problem and give a detailed answer in this topic to my problem.
Should I wait for the payment at all?
Thank you for your response in advance.
Put a like if your promised payment for September did not come :slight_smile:

Look here it maybe explains:

Thank you for your response friend!
But it says payouts from ads, and I’m the publisher of brave. And I was not paid as promised in the post which said that payments will be received in September

Oops, :blush: wrong shortcut, maybe this fits better:

Yes, dear friend, I read this, and I understand that I am doing a bad thing by opening the topic before all payments are made. But already on the 10th day and payments are about to be completed, everyone has already received their payments, and those who have been waiting for 2 months since the blocking of the five countries have not been paid
Thank you for trying to help me.

Always a pleasure. I feel sorry that your country is blocked. Not really understandable in a global society of commerce and trade. :roll_eyes:

@plyshk1n - what’s the email linked to your account? Please DM. Thanks!

hello @steeven steev check my DM too

Hi @steeven, I sent you a message. How long to wait for a response?
Will you reply to me in private messages or will you keep me posted here?

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