I have not received my payment on Gemini yet

Hi. I can’t see the payment on Gemini yet and either, on Brave.

In addition, I tried to disconnect my Gemini account from Brave and now I can’t verify it again…

Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot.

Same with me, I have been using from Dec 2021, I got my payments in Jan & Feb, but this didn’t happen in March. They start sending it after the first week, and the 2nd week has already passed. Can someone help us?

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@moderators Can you please have a look here.

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I have the same problem, I haven’t received payments since December, and I can’t sign in with gemini on the browser.


Does anyone know anything new? I tried to uninstall Brave and this issue is still happening…

In addition, I’ve seen tokens are not adding for next month.

Can @Aa-ron or anyone help us?


now my account is also flagged without reason, I hope you don’t have my same problem

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