Didn't received gemini payment yet

Hello Brave support team
i am waiting for my payment from 8th of this month, after waiting over 2 weeks still i didn’t received any payment yet
please look into this problem @steeven



Hi @manju25, thanks for writing in. Did you receive your payment?

No @steeven i didn’t received any payment yet
Here is my gemini dashboard

my brave dashboard

Thank you @manju25. Checking with a team member on what might have caused this.

Hey @steeven its been over 2 days after your last reply , i didn’t heard anything from you and your team on this matter , i am following up from over last two weeks
please take it seriously and fix this issue !

HI @manju25, thank you for following up. There were a handful of Gemini wallets that were not paid and a one off payment is being made to those wallets.

Hey @steeven Thanks for responding.
if my wallet were left in payment , and one time payment was made after that , than i should receive payment in my gemini account by now , but i didn’t received any :confused:

Hey @steeven its over a month now , and this is 2nd month in row where people getting paid but still i didn’t get payment for this month too along with last month
you promised to look into this matter but i am only getting false expectations from over a month now.
i want my complete payment from brave this time anyhow .

Hi @manju25, please see our DM. Our lead payments dev is looking into why you did not receive your payment.

@steeven Check DM. Again, I did not receive payment for referrals.

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