I didn't receive payment for gemini

hello, i started in december on brave, i made my account at gemini and i checked the gemini account, but until today the money didn’t fall in my account gemini.
I would like to know how to solve this problem, since I had 0.400 bats in the browser to receive

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Hi and welcome
Gemini payments are still processing as shown at the top of this thread.
hope this helps


Do you know how long it takes to get paid for gemini?

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It varies, my guess would be gemini shoudl complete soon but the only answer is to check back to the community pages as it will say when things are completed. Then take things from there.

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I got my November payment through gemini on the expected day (December 7) last month. They have some sort of major issue going on right now. If you look at this community message board you will see numerous people complaining about this, even people with uphold, which was supposedly completed.

so just wait?
an hour will solve this, right?

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keep an eye on this brave community page. Maybe mods will announce something

thank you, for help…

I’d expect longer than an hour. Give it a few days and it should be resolved.

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