I have not received confirmations and my references have been using the browser for more than 30 days

I got the same problem but they dont answer me

Hi @franciscoisraelsr - thanks for writing in. Can you try refreshing your dashboard? I’m not seeing 6 confirmations.

There are 6 confirmations of September and they were paid in October, in October I had 68 new references and they have not confirmed one, they have all used the browser for more than 30 days.

I see 6 confirmations on the Dashboard as you stated. If you’ve been paid out for those then – with respect to referrals – I believe you should be up to date.

the October referrals have not confirmed me, they should have already confirmed them

If they haven’t confirmed then they likely have not hit the 30-day usage requirement for confirmations. Everything looks good on my end.

Since September 30 they have been using it, I am an internet provider and I have installed the browser on the clients’ computers that is the default browser they use, could you check from your monitor? my email from Brave Redwards is frank.salazarramirez@gmail.com

I will wait until November 9 to see if the problem is credited and solved

Hello. I have question I hope you can help me. My uphold account is
verified and connected in brave browser which I did in pc. But since I
cant receive the ads in pc I tried downloading brave browser in my
mobile phone and I received ads. But after a month after claiming the
bats I have earned, why it doesnt reflect in my uphold account? It’s
only in my brave browser wallet. what could be the problem?
I have read some of the comments that I can only withdraw the bats in pc. So does this mean all the bats I have earned in mobile phone will not be credited?

I have the same issue, some of my referral from August and September use brave for 30 days but no confirmed added on my dashboard.

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