My referrals have not been confirmed

Hello friends
I have a doubt.
In October, 4 references had to be confirmed and still in mid-November they have not been confirmed,
add me to the account (and they already paid me, thanks) the contribution for 2 references only, but it is not limited in the table, (given that there are 0 confirmed).
In the same order of ideas, this month, to this date, I have already confirmed at least 3 references of the 4 I obtained last month, since they have more than 30 days of continuous use of the browser.
These 3 are just friends and family that I have in another country and I know that they have been using Bravo continuously, done, what they use as a default browser because they think it is excellent.
I would like to know what should I do? How much more should I wait? Will the pending referrals confirm me?
I keep propagating them and inviting them to install it, because it really seems VERY GOOD to me, I only noticed this bug that I tell you, and obviously I disagree.
Without further reference.

I have the same issue, some of my referral already use brave for 30 days but no confirmed added on my dashboard.

Confirmed referals mean your referals must verify own publisher account with uphold verified wallet including any channle. If your referals done this you must wait because there may something wrong in calculating installed period . I received my 1st BAT after 65 days. So dnt worry… And continue using brave because it’s better then other browsers. Use brave like a browser not a earning system, you ll feel better when you get payouts :slight_smile::blush::blush::blush:

Your right! I hope this issue should be clear because i’m working hard to promote brave browser because this is very good browser.

Hello there
confirmed only means minimal usage of the browser for more than 30 days
invites do not need to register anywhere to be confirmed
Invites do need to have a verified uphold to withdraw bat accumulated from watching ads
if not verified still BAT can be used to support content creators

great !
people are too confused indeed !:blush:

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