BAT's on brave browser not transferring to Uphold

I have more than 7 BAT’s stored in my browser for over 2 months from clickable ads and won’t transfer to my uphold account.

Anyone can help?

Is your wallet connected?

Connected and verified @steeven.

What can I do if it is not synching @steeven?

A fix will be out soon for Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.

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Thanks for the info @steeven.

Not seeing anything change of BAT Rewards. I’ve reloaded Brave Browser 3 times but still nothing. It worked great until I was reluctant to verifying with Uphold and giving out personnel I.D details, taking photos of myself and Passport details online etc.

same, i think brave is s_c_a_m :v

Hola yo tengo mi cuenta verificada en uphold y 41 BAT de brave redward pero no se transfiere, me podrías ayudar?

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