I have no reward

Hello, I go every day in brave but I have nothing, no proposal pub for BAT, I try some visit in internet website, I creat already my Uphold account

Hi @Aurel, Welcome to Community!
How long have you been using Brave?
Can you confirm that your Uphold account is KYC’d and connected to your Rewards wallet?

hello, thank you for your answer I was in brave 5 days, yes I did

What OS are you on?
What version of brave are you using? (brave://settings/help)
and to confirm the issue, you’re not seeing any ads?

OS catalina, v 1.9.76, I see nothing

Do you have solution for me ?

Hello, did you find problem ?

@Aurel are you sure you’re already opt-in to Brave Ads? Did you see the ads? Also see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Yes I did everything

What OS are you using? What Brave version? Did you adjust your notification settings and ensure that “do not disturb” or “Focus assist” are not stopping the ads from appearing?

Ok guys I see one pub today Alleluia thank you so much for your helping.

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