I have many problems with the brave

I have many problems with the brave
I have been using it for almost a year on the phone and my wallet contains 0.8 bat
I started using it on the desktop and could not connect it to my phone account

When browsing, I see popups and sexual ads, I don’t want that, and all of this is still my desktop wallet = 0.0 bat
These are some sites where I see ads :

Hi @yahya773,
You can not sync between your desktop and phone at this moment in time. Both devices will have will two different wallets.

In regards to:

What are you Shield settings when you are visiting these sites?

I’m sorry for my late reply
These are the settings and if you change them, the site will not work properly
I want to ask, is it normal in 7 months or more, I only get 0.8 strikers

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