I hate you and no longer have ads enabled

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I have been flagged as ‘suspicious’ ever since I turned ads up to the maximum. You are literally flagging people for looking at ads. I had 37 BAT that had apparently built up over the past 5 months (because I was still getting ads while apparently flagged) but as of the november rewards cycle that seems to have totally been deleted. There are 135 BAT locked up I can’t get at because I can’t verify because I am ‘suspicious’ for using your browser as you intended (looking at ads).

So I have turned off ads and will probably dump your memory-devouring laggy browser that runs so poorly when a youtube video is enabled. I’m just not dealing with this anymore, you have made this crappy because you never respond to anyone who has problems with your automated flagging system and you just leave people to get screwed. There’s no timer that runs out and re-enables people to verify, so I don’t care anymore. You’ve wasted my time and arguably my bandwidth.

Did you raise a ticket ?
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There are a lot of reasons your account may have been marked as flagged. If you want assistance with this, please submit a ticket as @SmartyAadi stated above and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your issue.