I had 8BAT aprox 15 minutes ago and now it is suddenly at 4.5 BAT

I was supposed to receive a brave payout today but it failed and it showed I would receive 8 BAT on June 6 2020. I watched something on Youtube and opened a new tab and suddenly it showed my pending balance was 4.5 BAT.

Where did my 3.5 BAT go?!? Is this some sort of bug or some or what?

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i just post the same problem , i had 4,8 BAT and exactly 3,5 BAT left ! now i’m 1,3 BAT … :cry:

Yeah Brave has many many many bugs, not sure if this is a bug or a sneaky way to save some money

Same thing happened with me
Lost almost 4 bats :unamused:

Hi @Adu04 - Please see this post for an explanation - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

Hey, thanks for the post.
So does this mean my rewards will be restored once the bug is fixed?

The same here - it told me I’d recieve 5,4BAT, even let me move triangle to square, but no BAT on my wallet since and now I have 2,4 pending and no balance.
Also, when I changed my OS and restored my Brave browser wallet with restore code that I’ve made - all my earnings gone forever and never restored. I’m month on new OS and still nothing changed. I have had 3,6 BATs before reinstall and restore wallet month ago.

Hi @Adu04 - that’s correct :slight_smile:

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Hello, do you have an idea as to aprox. how long it will take for me to get my BAT back?

Payouts are currently still processing :slight_smile:

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Thank you steeven, but aprox. how much time will it take? And will this happen again?

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