I had 1200 BAT in the browser wallet from the ICO. Is it gone?

I participated in the BRAVE ICO and deposited 1200 BAT into the wallet on the browser, at the time when you did that you could not w/d, to my surprise and dismay. Well, I haven’t been around for the past 5 years and I found my old recovery seed for the wallet, DLed brave, entered the seed and low and behold it’s empty… I had a feeling they would pull something like that. Why would they have locked our funds making them unable to w/d from the browser when it was new. I would have had those coins sold long ago if they hadn’t done that.

I’m boned right? You had some kind of time limit to move them out of that wallet to a new one else lose everything? typical… projects that do that without leaving a path to recover funds if they miss said deadline disgust me.

I think I read somewhere that they required people to have an uphold account to withdrawl BAT placed on the early browser… unbelievable. Forcing people to sign up for a centralized exchange to get at the funds they already purchased? Insanity. They want to know everything about you from tax info to what you ate for breakfast no way would I sign up for that crap.

I thought you guys were better than this… sell outs.

Thanks for writing in @konahamaru. Following up in a DM.

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