Brave and BAT it is not working properly together

Hello, I don t know if this technologist special BAT will grown up, I will tell you to everybody my experience.

Firstly, I sent to my brave browser wallet all my token. I didn t read in any place that I can lost all my token if I send it to my brave browser wallet, I was thinking that it is safety, quick and it is a good way to try to use the platform. Also, the contribution and tips for the webs contents providers are very disorganize, it is not very clear on the website and you will never receive the tokens the first week of the month.

Secondly, the publicity it is for everybody and BAT token with the brave browser pretend that every people use the token for publicity in the world with only the English language. Now day, there are different cryptocurrencies with different kind of language (at least Spanish, french or Germany) specially if BAT token and the community of brave it is for everybody in the world (for my it is very hard writhe this post)

Finally, I have 500 tokens less in my BAT wallet account and I only received 450 token approximately from my brave browser wallet. In the comments that the people answer me before (1000 thanks) said that you can not send token from your browser to your own BAT wallet because it is anti-fraud system and prevent it. What happened with the 450 token that I got from myself?? where is the security ??

To conclude, is there any possibility to get my 500 tokens in my BAT wallet?? I am aware that it is a new technologist and need developer and I am trying to show the reality of the problem from the point of views of the customer.

@alex and @Mattches please comment.

Hi Ropo,

Sorry that the rules around the browser wallet were not clear at first. I will pass that feedback along.

You’re welcome to post in whatever language you want but we’ll have to translate it and there may be some errors so keep that in mind :slight_smile: I am a little unsure of what your exact issue is. Can you explain more?

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I believe he’s stating that he sent himself 500 BAT from an outside wallet to his browser wallet, but only received 450 out of the 500 in his browser wallet. Also, it seems he didn’t realize his funds would be “stuck” in his browser wallet, and wants to send them back to his original outside wallet.

  1. Where’s the missing 50 BAT?
  2. Can (when can) he receive them back to his own personal outside wallet?
  3. He’s concerned about sending them to his own Creator’s Account from his Browser Wallet because he doesn’t want to get flagged by the Fraud Detection System for Self-Tipping

This raises some questions, which I’ve been wondering for some time:

a. When will user be able to withdraw the funds that they themselves Deposited? I’m referring to their own personally obtained BAT that they may have sent to their browsers from outside sources.
b. Is there a dilution of funds when moved, and or tipped? ie: are there fee for transferring? I read somewhere that tips payout 70%, and the rest goes to the UGP. Is this correct?
c. Are there Fund Custodial Issues / Legal Concerns about users funds being locked up in Browser Wallets, BAT “disappearing” when transferred, Rewards “disappearing” from users’ POV? What about creators with suspended accounts–and the tips they received, especially legitimate tips sent to a suspended account?
d. Is there a “Legal Disclosure” Page where one can read up on these issues, and if so, where would one find it?

I am a former part-time journalist, and infrequent blogger, who now sees this platform as an opportunity to blog, and also self-publish fiction. I’ve been considering posting blogs about crypto projects that I believe have merit. Issues I wonder about in regards to Brave and the BAT ecosystem are related to the exploitation of the economy by individuals and state actors, how Brave combats those attempts, and what unintended fallout may come from such systems. I understand that these topics may not be things the Brave team wants to publicly discuss, and I am not certain whether I am going to write about any of it at all, but I may. I guess that’s fair disclosure. If I wanted an official comment to quote on any of these topics, is there a point of contact to reach out to?

OK, Have you got an email where I can send you a screenshot or video with the details of my transaction?? I can show you that I am missing tokens.


You can send me a PM here on Community :slight_smile:

If you tipped yourself BAT and withdrew it, there’s a 5% transaction fee on all tips.

The BAT browser wallet is designed to be unidirectional at this point – you can’t withdraw right now (but you will be able to in the future!).

@continental –

A. Withdrawals should be available later in the year – they are currently turned off to prevent mass frauding of the BAT grant system.
B. As mentioned, yes, there is a small fee for tips (not 30% though – it’s only 5%).
C. Generally we only ban fraudulent tips if they are sourced via grants. If someone uses their own self-funded BAT to tip themselves or others they can do whatever they like with them. :slight_smile:
D. You can see our privacy policy here: and our Terms Of Service for the Publishers system here:

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