I grew my BAT rewards by 1000% now it continuo growth up

Award 3

Hi guy,
I’m Syden I appreciate that you reached out to my topic. I would like to share my experiences and tips for growing your BAT token faster.

1. Click on ads that pop up
Ad will show up notification from your windows system when you open your Brave browser if you saw a notice don’t forget to click on that you will receive a BAT token from 0.010BAT or more than that.

2. Click on ads display
This ad will be shown in the Brave browser when you open your Brave browser and scroll down to find the article that has a symbol like a rectangle don’t forget to click on that and you will receive 0.015BAT or more than that for one ad.

3. Refresh your Brave browser frequently
This tip you have to try to refresh your Brave browser on your computer or smartphone frequently to receive 0.005BAT.

If you think this article is helpful, please comment and like for more benefit tips update

thank you,

Thanks mate for the tips and please keep them coming. I just wanted to know is it possible to save the accumulated BAT, as i need to reset my smartphone. Is there anyone i can get in touch with? Thanks

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Thank you rogerwilco777 for your comment and like I will update more tips when I’m experienced it.

Hi, rogerwilco777

Did you have Uphold wallet or Gemini wallet yet? If you are not yet connected and back up to your wallet please don’t reset your phone and go to create one to make your BAT token secured.

Register Gemini Account

Register Uphold Account

Register Uphold Account

I have connected to uphold already and its verified but i am not sure if it goes directly or we need to wait till it’s paid

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