I'm getting too much BAT?

I’ve noticed that the amount of BAT I’m receiving just keeps going up, even though I’m definitely viewing less ads then I was in the beginning. I’m up to nearly $50 in BAT even though I keep upping my auto contribute as I’m getting more and more (currently at 25). I’m a little worried there’s a bug tbh. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @Mason - thanks for sharing. If you want, can you share a screenshot of your transaction panel?

Is this what you mean?

+1s from I got to much BAT this month. I got 24.00 but should have gotten closer to 6

I’m not sure if I have the same issue. My original thread got merged into a different one and then that thread got closed as a duplicate of this one even though my original post was made before any of the other posts.

But anyway, I received 20 more BAT this month than I was expecting. I just want to know why. My original thread with screenshots is here:

I was expecting about 6 BAT but I received 26.6. I heard there are grants or something, but there doesn’t appear to be a expiration date, it just says I received 26 BAT from ads.

I wish someone would just answer the question instead of merging/closing my post.

Any official response to this? I mean, I’m not complaining about the extra, but I would like to know if its a bug or a grant or something else.

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