I don't want to "Install app", i want to "Save to Home Page"

In Brave Android, lacking a Speed Dial feature, I want to save my frequently accessed sites as shortcuts on my Android home page.

Why, when I want to save a shortcut to a site, such as amazon.ca, am I not given the option? Instead, I am given the “Install App” option.

If I wanted to install the app, I would do that; but I don’t.

How can I get a shortcut to such sites saved on my home page?


The install app will just open it in Brave, it won’t install the Amazon app. I know it is a bit confusing. But instead of it directly being opened in brave, it will be kinda opened with the background being Brave. So like even if you close Brave, the installed Amazon brave app will still be in recents just like any other app

In use, the results are different.

If I open amazon by the URL, I get accass to the full Brave UI. If I open the “installed” amazon – i.e. what is presented after I select “install the app” – the Brave UI is hidden, and I have no access to features such as “display desktop site”.

I have an immense dislike of sites that hijack the browser interface, and browsers that facilitate it.

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