Suggestions related to Install-app option

I want to suggest something related to install app stuff. I always prefer web version of some apps. Let’s say I have install youtube web on android using brave and it works fine whenever I open it.

But however as youtube(for example) also runs in background and whenever I click on web version youtube icon again it will open an new tab of youtube which is frustrating since it should open the previous tab which was running in background.

I hope brave implement this feature soon.

Let me explain more
Let’s say I was playing a video and closed brave and the video still running in background through brave browser obviously So, If I click on youtube web icon app (created by brave). It should open the tab which was running not the new tab.

Hello, you can pretty much make brave behave that way.

Before make YouTube shortcut, make sure you are on desktop mode.

So when you open that shortcut it will make other application separate from Brave, just like the proper PWA.

Video proof:

This issue occurred because YouTube itself don’t have proper PWA for mobile. OOT: PWA never comes better on Android since Google build their workspace for Android to native app.

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Thanks for sharing it!
I just suggested it cause I think Brave could just have fixed these web apps in such a way that they can behave like apps.

Anyway, I’m grateful to you for sharing it.

There are some apps which doesn’t support PWA apps sadly.