Creating shortcuts on the Brave homepage on Android

Hello, I would like to propose an additional feature on the homepage of Brave on Android.
Instead of having the most frequent sites, it would be nice to manually add the shortcuts of the sites that you want, more like firefox on the home page.

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Yes, this would be useful. I can’t say why or when Brave adds shortcuts to the new tab page.
Before Barve I used Kiwi, and in Kiwi I can define this shortcuts. This is much better, because they are in the order I want an the bookmarks I want.

I also don’t understand why this can’t be done on Brave. New tab shortcuts are a great place for links to regularly used sites.
You can do this on the desktop, albeit with a rather arbitrary limit of 12 links but with the difference that, on a desktop, I can use an extension like ‘Speed Dial 2’ to do this properly.

Please, at least, replicate the functionality found in the Kiwi browser (which is currently still my default browser because of this) - but make it easier to use with an ‘Add to home tab’ option from the site itself, rather than copying/pasting the url like Kiwi does.
And please - no arbitrary limits of 4 or 12 links.

Suggestion - put these links in a special Bookmark folder, so they can exported/imported like other bookmarks!

I do not really need to manually add shortcuts, but even simple “Pin” feature could be usefull, of course.

I would rather have an option to remove names from those shortcuts or maybe rename them at least.