How can i earn Bat?

hello how are you ? I’m A user From Iran . i wonder am i able to earn Bat via browsing web using Brave?Sites that I open will appear at the right of the address bar, which is equivalent to a dollar.what is that ? Will they be added to my wallet?

Hello @abazartosht!
Thanks for showing an interest in Brave and BAT! It seems like you’re describing our Brave Rewards program if I understand your questions correctly. If so, I would highly recommend a bit of research on the Rewards program and the way BAT is used to compensate content creators as well as users. Here are some links to get you started:
Brave Browser Introduction
Basic Attention Token FAQ
Brave Payments FAQ

Hi @abazartosht, you will be able to earn BAT tokens for choosing to view ads within the Brave browser soon. This functionality is not yet implemented as of October 15, 2018, but we hope to have it in the new browser by the end of the year.

However, you can start earning now if you are a publisher (i.e., website owner, blogger, own a YouTube channel or Twitch channel). We also have a referral program: Creator Referral Program | Brave Browser which offers $5 USD worth of BAT tokens per referral.

WARNING: I noticed that you are from the great country of Iran. Unfortunately due to certain laws and restrictions in the United States, users from Iran may not be able to benefit from the BAT platform at this time. You can find more information in our terms of service, which require us to comply with US laws: Contributor Terms of Service | Basic Attention Token @Mattches


Thanks for your description

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