How has gemini users not been paid?

please explain to us all how gemini payments haven’t completed yet? how difficult is your job?

Hi @bobhaze thanks for reaching out.

If you would like to keep updated on this payout. You can follow this thread for the latest. Ads Payout Status Update


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that does nothing lol. i want to know why Gemini depositors haven’t been paid yet.

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The reason why Gemini has not been paid out yet is because it is still processing. That is the answer.

That’s a cute answer… i didn’t choose the day to be paid… they did… and the failed to do so…

so how about the team getting their heads out of each others asses and do their job

The point is, I have been using Brave for two years now and these things just happen. Payments get delayed and it is what it is. Eventually you get paid out when you do and when there are problems they announce it and reimburse later. Sometimes they even go the extra and compensate extra if the problem was that bad. Currently there is an issue with uphold users not getting payments and they are working on it. So you just have to wait it out and be patient. Patient. Patient.

This has long been known and shared. What you have to realize is “payday” doesn’t always mean that’s when it arrives in your hands. Brave has to take vBAT from your browser, process it, verify earnings to make sure no scamming being down, then send payment to Gemini. Of course, when it sends, you’re going through network which can take a bit. Gemini gets it, verifies, then put it on your account.

Payments used to take 2-3 weeks to complete. Brave has been getting better on this and generally completing within a week.

to be fair, they were supporting more regions then. payments would be faster when there are fewer of them to make.

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