December's Gemini payout not received yet

Why has there not been a payout for Gemini yet?

Payments are still pending as of writing this. You can check the status at the banner at the top of this site.

As @HighPriestess42 already mentioned, Payouts for Gemini users haven’t even started yet. Probably its gonna be a few more days ( My opinion, nothing official ) since they had some issues with payments for unverified and Uphold users.

Another months of issues to release the payments, who would have said.

I have never waited this long for a Gemini payout.

yeah this is pretty bizarre, I wonder if this has anything to do with what Gemini has been going through, despite their update msg.

Don’t know if that is related. From what I understand, I suppose that they will start processing Gemini payments only once Uphold payments are done for all / maximum users.

I’m actually glad this transfer is taking a few extra days to go thru, and can’t help but wonder if Brave is asking Gemini for more verification that Gemini does indeed have 1:1 reserves of all BAT before Brave sends them a truckload of BAT on behalf of all their users.

Clearly Gemini’s Earn partner, Genesis, did not have 1:1 reserves.

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yeah I requested a withdrawal from Gemini on 11/17 and still waiting. I had it in the earn program and now they are holding it. it’s likely gone forever thanks to SBF and FTX. Glad he was arrested for starts

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