I created an account on my linux desktop and then used the pass phrase to get into my account on my android but it isn't the same wallet

I created a wallet on brave on my linux desktop. I then installed brave on my android phone and used the passphrase and my passwords when I created the wallet there but it seems to be a different wallet. I sent BTC to the address given by my desktop wallet and it showed up there but never on the android wallet. How do I access the original wallet I created from my phone?

Hello - If you created two different wallets on your Android and Linux device, then it will be two separate recovery phrases.

If you imported the recovery phrase from your Linux device to your Android device, then it would be the same. You can learn a bit more about there here: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/16291144373261-BIP-39-Recovery-Phrase

If you had a previous wallet on your mobile device, you’d need the recovery phrase from when it was created. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

When I selected wallet from brave on the android it gave me a place to enter my recovery phrase and a password. I entered the recovery phrase I got when I created the wallet on the desktop as well as the password I had entered when I created the wallet on the desktop. I clicked on the wallet icon in the wallet on the phone but it just shows me a greyed out “Brave Wallet” box that says Solana Account 1 and an address and 0.0000 SOL. I’m sorry I’m a newb.

No worries! Do you see same Solana address as on your desktop wallet or do the addresses look different?

Also, here’s a good place to help understand recovery phrases and self custody wallets.