Brave crypto wallet on multiple devices

Hi There,
Can someone please assist me in understanding how the brave crypto wallet works. I have successfully managed to set up a wallet on my window 11 Brave browser. What I would like to know is if it is possible to have the same account on multiple devices. I have tried a few times and had no luck. This includes Windows and Android. There is very little information on this as I understand.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes. Remember the seed phrase you got when you created your Wallet? You use that and restore it on other devices/profiles.

That said, it’s not necessarily the intent. There are no official ways to “sync” Wallet, but it’s long been done by just restoring the Wallet on multiple devices and it works in a similar fashion.

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for your reply. As mentioned, I have tried this and was not able to. It seems to create a new account as when I enter the seed phrase it does not like it. Do you know if there is a guide that brave has published and put iut to user to follow?

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