I could not log into my bank web site on my Brave browser

I had been using the Brave browser for over a year and had no issues logging into my bank web site until one day I couldn’t . I figured it out after about a month it was due to a change that I made in the browser setting.

Here is the message I received when I tried to log in to my bank:
Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “http://wwwcreditonline.com/efs/servlet/efs/login.jsp” on this server. Reference #18.7fd23017.1672487811.4877801

I changed this setting on my browser:
Private window with Tor
Tor hides your IP address from the sites you visit.

Apparently since Tor was hiding my IP address my bank’s security system was rejecting my sign in request . I turned off Tor and so far I have no problems signing in to my bank web site. I hope this helps someone who incurred this issue like I did.


Glad to hear was resolved.

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