Unable to verify Gemini wallet

I used to have Brave verified with Uphold. After some problems I have stopped using the rewards system.
Currently, I am trying to link my verified Gemini wallet to Brave, without success.

" Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again."

I hope this is not because the silly “4 devices limit” thing. It’s awful design, if that’s the case. «As users are unable to unlink past devices»
I hope the Brave team is aware people tend to format their PCs every once in a while…

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Same problem here.

i didnt know that 4 devices rules, so i format my pc a couple of times and now, i dont have access to rewards.

Brave team need to add a option where we can unlink last devices.

I was able to verify it. It seems a restart and a couple of days of waiting was the solution. Thankful it was not related to the device limit.

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It is not a awful design. It is well thought out for those people who like to abuse systems. I have seen people using up to 32 devices for other activities. This could have been one of them if that limit did not exist.

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The limit is a good solution indeed, although the implementation is not complete. Users should be able to unlink past devices.
That way users can format their PCs and be calm they will keep receiving payments in the future.

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same problem. its showing oops something went wrong

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