I cant trade or send Crypto

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Description of the issue: I can’t do transaction or trade Cryptos.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?

What operating system are you using? Windows 10

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.161.101

Additional Information:

Hello, I can’t send or exchange my cryptocurrencies, I have USDC in my account and enough gas.
When I confirm the transaction, the window closes and automatically in my activity it tells me an error and does not specify which one.

It is a version problem because I have seen that the same thing is happening to many people and I did not find a solution in the forum.


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I’m having the same problemI’m having the same problem. I invested for the first time. I’m having this problem on the Etherium BNB20 network. Province

Hi @FeliiPina , Do you have a transaction has for the errored transaction? Or a screen shot of the error?

Yes, When I confirm the transaction, the window closes automatically and gives me an error.
I have gasoline.
I have been having this error for almost a month and I no longer know what to do, could it be a problem with the Brave update? I have the latest version

@FeliiPina , Can you share your settings for the Optimism network?

You might also have to reset your transaction information

I tried resetting the information but the same thing keeps appearing. The confirm window opens, I click confirm and it closes.

I leave you the configuration that you asked me to see.

Thanks for the info.

Maybe try opening a new browser tab to brave://wallet-panel.top-chrome/send

Open the console by right-clicking the page and click “inspect element” then click the “console” tab

Try sending the transaction again and see if you see any logs?

Maybe also try sending a slightly smaller amount of USDC (7.25)
so we can check if a rounding error is occurring.

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