Cant do any actions

Hello, I have been trying to swap and send crypto but Nothing happens, then I go to history and it says “Error” without explaining the error itself.

I am never ever using this Brave Wallet again.

Please help.

I have the right amount of eth right?

Hi @gamaftw, it looks like you do have enough ETH for this transaction.

Could you provide a screenshot of the error from the history page?

Also, could you try approving again, but this time before clicking “Confirm”, open a tab to brave:// , right-clicking the page, clicking “inspect” then clicking “console”. Please let us know if you see any errors in the console when “Confirm” is pressed from within that tab.

Not seeing any logs that point to any failure when approving a transaction. Just to verify. did you click “confirm” from within “brave://”? Or did you open that tab afterwards. Asking because the error logs wont show if you dont perform the actions from that tab.

You can also try resetting your wallet transactions here and try again: brave://settings/web3
You will need to press “Clear wallet transaction and nonce information” and type “Yes” (with the capital “Y”)

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