Verify Brave with Uphold

This is an update. I was finally able to verify my Brave account with Uphold on Android again. Basically I had to do EVERYTHING from the browser itself. Shields down, all cookies allowed. My biggest issue was everytime I tried to verify and reauthorize I would get the email from uphold to confirm it’s me, which is fine. But everytime I would confirm it would open up from the email and I would get no where. So I decided to log in to my email separately on the brave browser itself for when I did receive the email I could open the confirmation from there.

I tried it and it worked the first time. In case any of you are having the same issue just do everything specifically from the browser itself. My case is closed. And shout out to @Mattches for helping me the best he could. I appreciate it much.


My next suggestion there was to copy the confirmation link and paste it into the browser directly. Either way I’m glad that did the trick.

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I have a similar problem though in the past rewards would come after every month and go to my uphold account.So after updating the browser i tried to verify again and on the uphold side it makes a error saying error occurred please try again later. I have contacted uphold and told me my account is linked yet the rewards are not shown in my uphold account.I now don’t know what problem is that Anyone with a similar incidence?

I have the same issue.

Can’t login again into Uphold

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