I can't give a BAT

There is no tip button on twitter,b ut the main problem is youtube. On YouTube, the tip is not sent, as in the screenshots:

(look at the time)

Brave Version
version 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101

The problem is still there! :unamused:

Now I can see something else. Could these errors be combined with each other?

Brave Creators

I have the same. Tips don’t work.

Yeah this was a problem earlier… I think it is fixed now… Do kindly check

Also is Uphold linked to the Brave Browser? Like are all the BATs getting sent to your Uphold Account?

@ItzMeRajat The problem is now.
Yes, I have a verified wallet.

No, is it getting transferred though?
Sometimes even if its Verified, it won’t get transferred…

Hey, my problem is all the time. I am connected to Uphold and BAT is transferred to my Uphold account. (Others can give me their BAT without any problems).

That is the problem… You can’t self tip yourself and it detects if you Donate BATs to yourself using the same Uphold account linked in your Browser…

Try donating to some other person and I do believe that it should work…

And does it still show “Unavailable” in your Creators page?

You could be frozen by uphold maybe because you bought some bat directly on uphold’s site and they have a 60 cooling off period as all your bat is now under the cooling off period…

omg You’re right. I can send to others!
As for the Creators page, it shows that they are now available. But the account has disconnected from Uphold and the connection attempts are not working. I’m afraid it’s too complicated for me to handle. Haha.

I think your Creators account got banned then… It is against the rules to Tip yourself…

At least now you know, But that’s sad

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